Management Services

Hotel Management

Our experienced team of professionals work daily with our hotels to ensure hotel operations are ran smoothly. With our extensive knowledge in property management and implementation of best practices we are able to represent the best interest of our owners and their investment. Our impressive staff provides decades of experience and knowledge in the hospitality industry that cannot be surpassed. 

Revenue Management

For IHRMC, Revenue Management is one of our most important aspects of daily management. With our advanced propriety software we are able to identify demand and forecast in order to properly position our hotels for financials success. Our Revenue Director and team have a wide-range of capabilities in order to drive revenue growth while maximizing our online presence across our portfolio of hotels.

Sales & Marketing

Our hotels and restaurants are supported by our corporate office Sales Director in order to develop and drive a sales-focused environment. With regular property visits and online meetings we develop marketing and action plans for our property Sales Directors, General Managers, and department leads to execute. 

Food & Beverage

IHRMC provides Food & Beverage Management for our full-service hotels, resorts and branded restaurants. Our senior management team assists our Regional Operation Managers in evaluating and reviewing property data that include:

- Cost & Inventory Control

- F&B Menu Planning and Pricing

- Training & Safety Implementation

- Advertising & Promotional programs

- Financial Auditing and Reconciliation

Reputation Management & Social Media

IHRMC works with each one of our properties to assist in developing an active online presence with Social Media and genuine responses to guest feedback. Maintaining an active role in Social Media promotes a connection with our guests that is incredibly important with today's traveler. In addition, providing authentic answers to reviews that our guests have provided to our hotels is an invaluable tool to assist us in improving on a daily basis. 


IHRMC has an extensive history in providing Receivership Services to banks and lenders of under performing properties. With our experience, IHRMC is able to implement policies and procedures in order to preserve the value of the property. With our Receivership Service IHRMC provides:

- Receiver | Manager | Asset Management

- Cash & Financial Management

- Budget Preparation & Annual Projections

- F&B Management

- Operational Management

- Increasing the Value of the property